Steric P
% 12 Azot
% 58 Fosfor
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Patentli teaknolojisi, bitki tarafından daha fazla fosfor ve potasyumdan yararlanılmasını ve daha uzun süre kullanılabilir durumda kalmasını sağlayan, ek olarak besin kullanım verimliliğini artıran 4 temel bileşen içerir. 

Bu 4 bileşen sadece izole olarak çalışmaz, aynı zamanda bitki içinde de çalışarak fayda sağlar.

Steric® P - Improve Your Nutrient Use Efficiency

Steric P contains BioSF325TM technology which has 4 key components that drive nutrient use efficiency. This allows for more efficient use of phosphorus by the plant.

These 4 components do not just work in isolation, they are synergistic in their effect within the plant.

Compared to standard phosphate fertilisers, Steric P can deliver up to 37 % improved nutrient use efficiency of phosphorus within the plant, delivering proven increase in root and vegetative growth along with fruit/seed quality.

The details

  • 100% water soluble dry formulation

  • Formulation containing NP 12:58 is compliant with the Fertiliser Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003

  • Uses high efficiency pure food grade MAP as source of P₂O₅

  • Very low detectable levels of phosphite in food grade MAP guards against unexpected MRL issues when exporting crop

  • Presence of BioSF325 inside Steric P improves nutrient use efficiency meaning up to 67 % less P units needs to be delivered through the fertigation system compared to standard phosphate fertiliser regimes.

  • Good mixing compatibility with CaNO₃ (example, 12.5kg CaNO₃ with 2.5kg Steric P in 80 litre water had no precipitation after 24 hours)

  • Low salt index for excellent plant safety

  • Fewer applied elements means lower environmental impact in soil and water courses. Reduced volume of fertiliser required means less packaging and lower logistic costs.

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use. Steric P can be applied to most crops via fertigation only. Do not apply as foliar to crops. Steric P can replace normally used acid fertilisers supplying phosphorus or can be used in conjunction with such fertilisers to provide beneficial biostimulant effects. Always read the label for application and safety information.

Application Instructions

Steric P should only be applied dissolved preferably through fertigation systems. Add dissolved solution to partially filled tank and continue to fill, if possible, allow agitation to ensure thorough mixing in tank.
As a P replacement from acid fertiliser:
Up to 3 units P can be replaced by 1 P unit from Steric P

For Biostimulant Effect :
Use 2-11kg Steric P at planting, pre or early flowering depending on crop to provide improved fruit setting and crop quality (see label for more details)


Steric P is compatible with most other fertilisers.
DO NOT tank mix with ammonium or potassium thiosulphate.
If unfamiliar with use of this product check with your crop adviser.

Make your soils work harder

Sterics® delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions between phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in alkaline or acidic soils. This patented chemistry allows for phosphorus, potassium and sulfur to enter and stay available for longer periods in the soil.

The details

  • Get same or better results using less phosphorus, potassium or sulfur

  • Higher efficiency

  • Low salt index for excellent plant safety

  • Technically advanced

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Fewer applied elements mean a reduced environmental footprint