Steric K
% 5 Azot
% 49 Potasyum
% 8 Kükürt
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Steric® K - Improve Your Nutrient Use Efficiency

Steric K contains BioSF325TM technology which has 4 key components that drive nutrient use efficiency. This allows for more efficient use of potassium by the plant. These 4 components do not just work in isolation, they are synergistic in their effect within the plant. Improved nutrient use efficiency of potassium delivers strong and healthy growth, a proven improvement of crop quality and shelf life and thus an increase in marketable yield.

The Details

  • 100% water soluble dry formulation.

  • Formulation containing NK 16:49 is compliant with the Fertiliser Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003. Also contains 8% sulphur. pH 4.7



  • Top fruit – improved fruit consistency and colouration.

  • Citrus – more intense colouration and advanced maturity

  • Vine and Cherry – more even filling and colouration

  • Olives – improves resistance to cold and drought, improves oil content

  • Lettuce – advances maturity and improves shelf life by reducing nitrogen content and increasing potassium content in the harvested produce

  • Tomato and pepper – even and consistent ripening, improves shelf life

  • Potato - tubers become more resistant to mechanical damage and more tolerant to external stress like frost, drought, heat and high light intensity


Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use. Steric K can be applied to most crops via fertigation only. Do not apply as a foliar fertiliser to crops. Steric K can replace normally used potassium fertilisers in fertigation systems at 25% (4:1 ratio) of their normal rate of application. Always read the label for application and safety information.


Application Instructions

Apply Steric K dissolved in water only .Premix each 1 kg of Steric K in 4 litres of water. Then add to fertigation system stock tank.


Application rates per application (general):

  • For minor deficiency: 2-5 kg/ha

  • For moderate deficiency: 5-11 kg/ha

  • For severe deficiency: 11 -20 kg/ha
    Check with your local agronomist if you are unsure about level of deficiency.


Suggested timing of applications

• Top fruit - apply during fruit enlargement phase and whenever potassium is required. In high yielding years apply also during/post harvest
• Citrus - 1. apply during main fruit enlargement phase. 2. through colour break from 6-4 weeks before harvest, 1 or 2 applications weekly 3. Consider additional application in autumn in high yielding years
• Vines - several applications between change of colour and maturity
• Olives - 1. spring application from beginning of fruit enlargement 2. autumn application during/ after harvest
• Tomato - 1. apply at first flowers visible 2. Two weeks before beginning of harvest
• Lettuce - 1. apply at the beginning of head formation. 2. also at 2 weeks and again 1 week before harvest
• Water melon and cucumber – 1. apply by mid to end of fruit enlargement phase. 2. During harvest period
• Potato - 1. apply at bulking . 2. one month before harvest


Steric K is compatible with most other fertilisers.
DO NOT tank mix with ammonium or potassium thiosulphate.
If unfamiliar with use of this product check with your crop adviser.Make your soils work harder


Sterics® delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions between phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in alkaline or acidic soils. This patented chemistry allows for phosphorus, potassium and sulfur to enter and stay available for longer periods in the soil.

The details

  • Get same or better results using less phosphorus, potassium or sulfur

  • Higher efficiency

  • Low salt index for excellent plant safety

  • Technically advanced

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Fewer applied elements mean a reduced environmental footprint